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Astrology is the ancient INDIA science of astrology perfected over 7000 years ago. Earliest mentions of astrology come in the Vedas, preceded by details of this divine science being revealed by lord Shiva to his spouse goddess Parvati.

According to many other sources India astrology was never created by human and rather was revealed to mankind by lord Brahma who in his infinite wisdom is the only god amongst gods and humans to truly know the future.

On earth INDIA astrology as many people know has been perfected & interpreted by great astrologers like Vaharamihira, Sage Jaimini, Kalidasa and many great saints & holy person.

Birth Chart Horoscope :

Horoscope is chart of planets position at time of birth. Horoscope is also called birth chart. This shows where the planets are frozen at the time of your horoscope allows astrologer to describe what kind of person you are and why the specific things happening in your life. Horoscope is map of planets at your birth time and define your planets relationship.

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